The Liberty Cruise and One World Trade Center, New York, United States - 23rd October 2018

Day three of our trip to New Jersey and New York and we're back on the open-top bus, this time heading downtown to the financial centre. The traffic's heaving so we get off and walk the final stretch to the ferry port, where we take up the boat cruise that's part of the bus ticket. This turns out to be an extensive, well-narrated trip up to Liberty Island and then all the way up the East River to Brooklyn Bridge. After that, we head up the 1,776 feet to the top of One World Trade Center - formerly known as Freedom Tower - to admire the dizzying views of Manhattan. In the evening we meet up with Phil and Tania at the Serendipity restaurant/café for some more classic American eats, before we get a psycho Uber back to New Jersey

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Millburn railway station

A classic American loco hauls a train in to Millburn station

Harry puts one of his pictures up to the train window

The gang on the train

The boys look out at the industrial wastelands

New Jersey pylons and the skyscrapers of New York

The brutalist joys of Penn Station

Macy's on 51st Street

The Empire State building

Busy crosswalk

Nice view of the Empire State

The Flatiron building from the bus top

A giant statue which looks like a pair of buttocks

Nice old building, with groovy fire escapes

Graffiti street

The First National City Bank, circa 1812

Iconic shoes-on-a-wire

Some impressive architectural details

Tantalising remains of an old painted business sign

Harry and Fred in a Deli somewhere

The WTC memorial

One World Trade Centre

More of the World Trade Centre

A vanishing-point view of 1WTC

The new view of the financial district from the ferry

Empire State in the distance

The gang on the back of the ferry

Fred, Isobel and Harry

Ellis Island

Great view of NYC from the ferry

The Statue of Liberty

Fred looks overboard

The gang, with Liberty Island in the background

At least there are enough lifebelts to go around

To Royal Navy's R08 HMS Elizabeth is in town

Derelict warehouses in Brooklyn

A Fire Department boat speeds past

More derelict buildings

A view of NYC behind Governors' Island

Wall art on a dockside building

The tour guide does his thing

Part of the old Queen Mary dock

Nice old ferry port

Downtown Manhattan

Harry hangs off a railing

Fred's tiny key ring trinket

A squirrel

Inside the bottom of 1WTC

A view from the top of 1WTC looking towards midtown and the Empire State

The Hudson River

The boys at the top of the tower

The whole of Manhattan is spread out below

Looking out east over the Brooklyn Bridge

The gang roams around the observation deck

The new subway/PATH interconnect station below 1WTC is impressive

The Occulus is like a big rib cage

Huge candy store on 61st Street

Pigeon explosion, as a woman hails a cab

Serendipity Three

Fred, Harry and Tania

Funky decor in Serendipity

Harry nearly knocks all this stuff off the mantlepiece

The boys' puddings turn up

A jumble of signs and windows on Madison Avenue

Night-time traffic

People on a crosswalk

Shiny buildings and cars

An Amish market

In the Lincoln Tunnel on the way back to New Jersey

A picture in lights of Manhattan at night

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Millburn railway station