A Trip to New Jersey, United States - 20th October 2018

We head off to New York and New Jersey for a few days over half term - the trip being the first real test of flying with The Boys for an extended period of time, at least compared to previous aeroplane trips which have been no further than Mallorca or Barcelona. We're also staying with Phil and Tania at their pad in Short Hills - a nice part of New Jersey only 20 or 30 miles from Manhattan itself, with a direct rail link to Penn Station on 7th Avenue. This gives us a nice flavour of real "small town USA" as well as affording some respite from the frantic city. After we get there, we have an easy day visiting the Great Swamp in NJ, followed by a Diner experience at the Broadway Diner in nearby Summit

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We rock up at the budget car parking 'facility' - in a golf club car park near West Drayton

The boys eat biscuits whilst we hang around for ages

Fred hauls his bag as we get dropped off at Heathrow's Terminal 2

The new Terminal 2 is much improved over the old run-down 1960s version

Fred and Harry hang around as we check in

Harry and Isobel

Harry on the travelator

A BA 737 trundles past

The boys are excited with their in-seat entertainment

We get pushed back

A plane heads off into the sunset

A 747 in the dusk

Heathrow's Terminal 5

Obligatory clouds-and-wing photo

A race track and a football field

The Manhattan financial district and New Jersey

Isobel and the boys pile off the plane

Phil hauls out his actual Lego stash (that we used to play with) from the 1970s and 80s

Phil has an impressive collection of vintage Lego brochures and instruction manuals

Early 1980's Lego wasn't gendered at all

Simon and Harry run around in the garden

Meyersville Presbyterian Church, on the way to the Great Swamp

The volunteers at the Great Swamp visitor centre bring out a cool selection of dead animals and skeletons

Harry holds up a dead rat by its tail

Harry inspects a fox tail with a magnifying glass

We head off into the trees

Off into the autumn leaves

In the trees of the Great Swamp

Birds take flight in the distance

The boardwalk looks like some old railway track

Funky stripey mushrooms on a log

A silver-bleached boardwalk

Phil and Isobel get some cash out

A Summit strip mall

The Broadway Diner basement

Phil, Simon and Fred in the Broadway Diner

Fred makes paper aeroplanes

All the boys are making aeroplanes now

Fred has a milkshake

Broadway Diner

Fred and Harry mass around in the London-themed kids' room

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We rock up at the budget car parking 'facility' - in a golf club car park near West Drayton