Beatyard Festival, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland - 5th August 2018

Isobel has scored some tickets for the Beatyard Festival, held at the curious and slightly brutal all-brick-pavier location that is the now-disused half of the Dun Laoghaire ferry terminal. It's sometimes hard going thanks to the lack of seating or even simple grass to flake out on, but the festival makes up for it by providing some great music in the form of Django Django, The Skatalites, the legends that are The Sugar Hill Gang and a raft of other lesser-known but on-trend acts. The boys come along for a few hours on the second day, although there's not that much for them to do. However the remainder of the festival features auntie-based child care, which is a bonus.

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Harry, as ever, is doing his own thing as we go in to the festival

A hall of mirrors

Louise has a fag on again

A blackboard is covered in chalk randomness

The boys get some balloons

Fred in the dance tent

Noddy throws some shapes

Fred's made a massive moustache

Celtic rock

Harry's not impressed

Harry gets face-painted

It's Spider-Man again

Wayne and Harry

Noddy, with a stash of mustard-disguised condom packets in his hat

Da Wheeze and Caro wave fingers

Caro and Wayne

The three un-wise men

Wayne unleashes the beast

Performance/art band 'Little Dragon'

Noddy and a geezer with face paint

The dance tent is packed

Everywhere, on the ground, are reminders of the venue's previous life as a ferry terminal

The gardai bring down some drug dealer or something

Jen Mac, Isobel, Caro and Wayne

The crowd warms up for Kamasi Washington

Kamasi Washington does his saxophone thing

Crowd in the sunset

The masts in the nearby marina in the sunset

Some dude with a top hat points

Kamasi Washington's frenetic drummer

The lucky few on top of the Jameson bus get a good view

A couple of lit-up hula hoopers

A slightly-bizarre self portrait

Django Django

Django Django fight through some technical issues

Illuminated butterfly dancers

Purple crowd in the dusk

The next day, Louise and Isobel wait for the bus

Part work-out, part music: Confidence Man

The epic massed-cooking of burgers at Box Burger

The awesome Sugar Hill Gang

The Sugar Hills have still got it

Mele Mel and Scorpio from the Furious Five are invited onto stage

Grandmaster Flash backers The Furious Five

The crowd goes nuts

Fun with a giant golden champagne bottle

A final wave from the Sugars

The Sugar Hill Gang work the crowds after their spot

More crowd mingling

Wayne and Caro get a selfie

Caro and Isobel do the selfie thing

Caro ligs in with someone else's photo

More selfies

The legendary Skatalites are next up

Original vocalist Dorren Schaffer joins the Skatalites on stage

The keyboard player has still got the moves

The Skatalites do 'Guns of Navarone'

The bizarre 'King Kong Company'

There's a street art exhibition in the terminal building

A view over the festival

Isobel and Wayne look out over Beatyard

More street art

Noddy and Gilly hang around

Someone with a black unicorn head on

Wayne, Caro and Isobel

Dance legends Orbital on stage

Jan Mac joins in with the dancing

The Forty Foot - a fancy Wetherspoon's

Dun Laoghaire is quiet at night

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Harry, as ever, is doing his own thing as we go in to the festival