A Trip to Da Gorls, Monkstown Farm, County Dublin, Ireland - 4th August 2018

The first part of an epic tour of Europe (well, Ireland and France at least) sees the gang over in Monkstown Farm in County Dublin, to hang out with Evelyn and Louise whilst doing a couple of days of the Beatyard Festival in nearby Dun Laoghaire. Before that though, Nosher is picking up The Boys from holiday club in Mendham, just by the River Waveney which marks the border between Norfolk and Suffolk

next album: Beatyard Festival, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, Ireland - 5th August 2018
previous album: The Whiskey Shivers at The Crown, Burston, Norfolk - 1st August 2018

The impossibly-bucolic River Waveney at Mendham, Norfolk side

The Suffolk side of the Waveney at Mendham

A 1914 bas-relief on the bridge over the Waveney, featuring the defunct East Suffolk District Council

A WW2 pill box near the church

All the gravestones in Mendham church have been pulled out and lined up together

The boys at Stansted Airport

Stansted is obscenely heaving, being as it's school holidays and all

More massed throngs at Stansted

Harry's built his Lego thing on the plane

On the travellators at Dublin Airport

Down at Williamstown, The old No. 19 is being done up

Fred on Graffiti Bridge, over the DART

The Winkies

Fred and Harry run around

Isobel and Evelyn head out to sea

Birds fly away

Harry in the mud

Fred, Isobel and Evelyn walk further out to sea

Mud flats

Fred digs in the mud

Isobel walks back to Williamstown

Fred tries to teach Evelyn how to do the 'Floss'

The ramshackle bike outside Blackrock Market

The National Bank building in Blackrock

A relic of the past: Louise's 1988 Leonard Cohen cassette tape

A derelict house in Monkstown

Imposing stone building which may have been a Laundry

Pushing the envelope in innovative pub naming: The Bar

One of Isobel's old hangouts is now derelict

Another derelict shop on the outskirts of Dun Laoghaire

A pro-abortion-choice poster, done in the style of the 1917 independence movement

Fred and Harry get some new gear in Dun Laoghaire

Some good busking on the street

Someone does a nice rubbing of a drain cover

Nice old mosaic floor in a Dun Laoghaire pharmacy

The boys and Louise outside Kuraudo Japanese restaurant

Louise has got a fag on

Noddy talks to Harry

Caro and Harry have a chopstick fight

Harry's got Sushi

Harry and Wayne

Fred looks about six again in Noddy's hat

Noddy's got his sunglasses set to 'stun'

The middle of Dun Laoghaire

Louise checks her phone

Fred reads to Nico at bedtime

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The impossibly-bucolic River Waveney at Mendham, Norfolk side