The Whiskey Shivers at The Crown, Burston, Norfolk - 1st August 2018

Almost implausibly, Texas band "Whiskey Shivers", who had gone from playing to a few hundred at WoW festival a few weeks ago to appearing before 4,000 at Womad, were back to play the tiny Burston Crown, the day before they played at the Cambridge Folk Festival. And so we were there, having cycled over, for a night of crazy music and beer in the sweltering pub - most likely the lowest-ceilinged venue the band has ever experienced. Isobel happens to mention to the band after the gig that she "was in Cambridge the next day and could stop by to say hello" when they were playing at the Folk Festival, and only goes and manages to wangle an invitition including free entry. Thus she gets to see them for the third time and then hang out at the festival catching some more of the Thursday warm up

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The support band starts the night off

Banjo playing

Isobel at the bar

Sandie, Gaz and John have a beer

The Shivers set up

There's so much going on in the view through the window, it looks like some sort of collage

Thumb's up from the Shivers' banjo player, James Bookert

The pub is packed

The band is announced

Cheers for beers

Some serious guitar

A smile from the guitar player, Jeff Hortillosa

Crazy double-bass action

Bobby Fitzgerald's got something in his eye

Andrew Van Voorhees on double bass takes a break

It's time for tequila

Tequila shots are done

Jeff Hortillosa on guitar

Bobby Fitzgerald plays a bit of harmonica

Fiddle concentration, whilst the orange light outside makes for some other-worldly scene

More Trashgrass action

The band is filmed by mobile phone

The string section

After the gig, Billy Fleming dismantles the PA

Banjo player James Bookert, with a super-fan

Outside, James Bookert gives an impromptu banjo lesson

Isobel and Hannah with Jeff Hortillosa

The next day, Isobel sees the Whiskey Shivers again at the Cambridge Folk Festival

Post gig, Bobby Fitzgerald shouts out for Isobel to come over and say hi

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The support band starts the night off