The Dún Laoghaire 10K Run, County Dublin, Ireland - 6th August 2018

Whilst we're over in Co. Dublin, Isobel does the Dún Laoghaire 10k (that's 6 miles on old money) run, along with James. Afterwards, we visit the sea at Seafort Parade in Williamstown again and follow that up with an ice-cream treat from Scrumdiddly's - aparently the place to be, at least according to the queues.

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Isobel doesn't entirely look up for it

Fred's up some sort of playground aparatus

Jamie and Isobel walk down the street to the start

Some dude looks out over the sea of orange

Maybe someone famous poses for a photo at the start line

The mayor of Dún Laoghaire has a small plastic novelty pistol

Knobbly knees

The runners prepare

The race commences

Someone's happy

Isobel waves

James waves to Fred and Harry as the runners pass by

A blind dude heads off

The mayor is taken by surprise as the children's 1.5k race starts

A small boy heads off in the wrong direction

Fred lies down in a big sea-shell sculpture

The starting line is rapidly taken down

A wrecked phone box

The race leader runs past at around the 30 minute mark

A father/son busking combo, with clarinet

Sprint finish

A woman from the US waits for her sister

Medals are ready for handing out

It's all a bit much for some

The jubilation of finishing

Some kids wave

Batman finishes

James crosses the line

Isobel comes in shortly afterwards

A group photo

Isobel does a selfie with Jamie

After a rest, we head off back to the sea at Williamstown

Isobel and Wayne out at sea

Annalua on a body-board

Wayne and Finlay

Finlay runs around in his pants

Isobel, Harry and Wayne

Out on the mudflats

Annalua's proud of her captured shrimp

The gang climb over the wall

Harry guards the way on Graffiti Bridge

The derelict house by the hospital car park

The queue at Scrumdiddly's

The children peer into the window

Harry tentatively licks his topping

Hanging around eating ice cream

Wayne stirs his concoction

Nicolas isn't too sure

We de-camp to the nearby grass verge

The DART passes by a stack of tracks that look like a model railway

Fred and Annalua pop out from behind a tree

Derelict buffers

It's not quite Abbey Road

Evelyn and Isobel share a phone moment

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Isobel doesn't entirely look up for it