Blustery Beach Trips, Walkford and Highcliffe, Dorset - 29th July 2018

Whilst we're down Walkford/Highcliffe way, visiting and catching up with everyone, we fit in a couple of visits to the beach. The weather is on a brief hiatus from the extremes of summer and the wind has picked up fairly, but it's all rather refreshing after the opressive heat of the last couple of months.

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Sean eventually gets Barney to sit, after much effort

Harry and Fred hurl themselves towards the sea at Chewton Bunny, Walkford

Harry waves his hat around

The Isle of Wight and the Needles

A surfer on the beach

Harry finds some interesting seaweed, as a spotty dog comes over to give it a sniff

Rowan on a rock

Some crazy geological process has left a pattern like some sort of Aztec art

Fred roams the beach

Harry, contra jour, on the beach

Calcite in a rock looks like some apocalyptic snot explosion

Harry runs around

The gang walk into the light

Harry in Nosher's hoodie, and Isobel

We walk back through the mean streets of Walkford

Harry and Fred outside New Milton Tesco

Isobel checks some cheese out

There's an unusual truck tractor in Tesco's car park

On Sunday, it's breakfast time down at Elmer's Court

We say goodbye to our apartment

We return to the car with all our things and head off to Highliffe Beach

Fred's hair is whipped back by the wind, which is much fiercer than the previous day

The lifeguard station is actually manned

Isobel and Fred in the wind. Fred looks less than impressed

Harry struggles in the wind

Fred gets his towel flying like a cape

The lifeguard dude has to come out to put his flag back up after it blows over

A folorn shelter on the cliff top

Fred and Harry struggle up the steps outside Cliffhanger Café

Highlcliffe car park

Harry and Isobel scope out the menu in Cliffhanger

The rain lashes on the windows

Harry does a maze

Isobel's lunch looks rather impressive

Harry peeks up from between the tables

The wind has blown the rain into neat parallel lines on the car windscreen. It looks like a Monet painting or something

The M3 in the rain

Joy on the M25 near the M40 exit

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Sean eventually gets Barney to sit, after much effort