A Barbeque at Sean's, Walkford, Dorset - 28th July 2018

Phil and his posse are over from the States for a few days, and so we arrange to meet up with Hamish at Sean's gaff for a catch up and a barbeque. We end up staying at the rather swanky Elmer's Court Hotel in Lymington, an almost Harry Potter-esque place where we have a whole apartment complete with a 1980s games table with draughts and chess and everything. OK, so there's a morning fire alarm in the rain, but there's also a nice indoor swimming pool and they even chuck in a free breakfast thanks to a mix-up about our room. Mind you, that's just as well as at £17 a head, we were otherwise just going to eat toast in our apartment kitchen. But first, there's a Thursday bike ride out to the Crown at Pulham Market.

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Paul and The Boy Phil at the bar of the Pulham Crown

Gaz gurns outside the Crown

Nice pansies in a basket

There are some particularly fine ridge tiles on the Pulham house

Marticle and Gaz - both of whom actually look like they know what they are doing with bikes - get ready to head home

Moon-rise over the meadows at Thelverton

We stop off at the Billingford Horseshoes

Nosher's bike and the A143 traffic

As we head down to the south coast, we stop off at Winchester Services on the M3

Fred wants what's in the machine

The joys of service-station life

Harry is most amused that there's a fake coffee cup that's bigger than he is

Nosher and Fred play draughts

The view from our balcony looks almost like it could be abroad somewhere

The mock-Elizabethan chimneys of Elmer's Court

Harry with his magazine

We explore the grounds

Harry in the rather grand reception

Harry, Isobel and a nice TVR, outside the hotel

Fred plays drums around Sean's

Sean on git box

Harry gives the cymbals a wallop

Fred plays guitar

Nosher's on drums, as Fred sits at the keyboard

Hamish gives Michelle a hug

Guests assemble for the barbeque

Nosher's on cooking duty

Hamish takes a photo of Kira and Sydney

Hamish roams around

The boys destroy the lounge with Lego

Fred tries out the Mandolin

Phil and his boys

Sean helps Fred to multi-track record the Ed Sheeran song he knows

Hamish hang out in the music room

Kira tries out a guitar

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Paul and The Boy Phil at the bar of the Pulham Crown