A Postcard From Asperen, Gelderland, Netherlands - 9th June 2018

Nosher's over in Asperen, in the Netherlands, for old school-friend Martin's 50th birthday, along with half of New Milton - it's quite odd being in deepest rural Netherlands talking to loads of people about Arnewood School and suchlike. Before the do, Nosher and Hamish - who's also there after an overnight ferry trip from Hull - explore the town for a bit. The day before, Nosher, The Boy Phil, Gaz and Marticle are off for a high-speed 24-ish mile ride out to Tibenham, and back via Burston.

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The night before, Nosher's out on the bikes with Marticle, Gaz and The Boy Phil

The Tibenham Greyhound's especially-rustic location

Marticle and Gaz in the Burston Crown

Norwich Airport has quite the collection of planes

Spixworth and the new Northern Relief Road in Norwich

Somewhere over Amsterdam

Martin's got an old boat in the garden, allegedly in case it floods

Hamish and Martin

We head off to Spar in Asperen for some supplies

An old car rumbles past

Hamish and Martin in Spar

Hamish checks out, with a loaf of bread

We have a picnic outside our hotel - De Schildkamp

We're joined by Martin and some of the New Milton massive

Nice houses by the river Linge

Fountain in Asperen

A statue of a person and a horse, opposite the Hervormde Kerk

Funky T25 Volkswagen van

Nice quintessential Dutch house

The organ of the Hervormde Kerk

An old tractor rumbles down Voorstraat

A house on the corner of Voorstraat and Nieuwe Zuiderlingedijk is a bit overgrown

A backwater of the Linge, by the KunstFort

Asperen's KunstFort

Looking back up Voorstraat

There's a pre-party lunch up at the venue

There's a dude in that really knows his salmon

The catering dude offers out some tasty smoked salmon

There's a special treat of flame-seared smoked salmon

Party lunch

The tower of the Hervormde Kerk

Martin's got posters up for his James Bond-themed thrash

Hamish appears in his evening gear

A couple of hot-air balloons with almost-Google logos float over the Hervormde Kerk as we head off to the main event

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The night before, Nosher's out on the bikes with Marticle, Gaz and The Boy Phil