Martin's James Bond 50th Birthday, Asperen, Gelderland, Netherlands - 9th June 2018

It's time for Martin's 50th birthday, held at Het Dorpshuis on Van Langerakstraat in Asperen. It's James Bond themed, with Roulette, Blackjack, Poker tables and million-dollar bills, as well as a great acoustic three-piece band (along the lines of a covers-based Fairground Attraction, but with double bass instead of guitarron), DJs and a supply of Dutch speciality - Bitterballen. There was even a chance to learn some more useful "bar Dutch" from the bar staff, like "dry white wine" and "fizzy water". Godverdomme!

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'Ursula Andress' gets a photo

Hamish tries out the Blackjack table

Martin's million-dollar notes

A game of Blackjack occurs

More gambling

Ernst Stavros Blofeld actually has the look of Blofeld about him

Hamish joins the band

Blofeld's cat has been 'upgraded'

Someone joins in the singing

There's assistance on the drums too

A game of poker occurs

The band seem distracted by Ursula's bikini

Ursula gives it some

Jacqueline joins in

The Man With the Golden Gun

Party crowd

Look - the actual Daniel Craig is in the building!

Someone wins an award for something

Someone's very happy to win a bottle of fizz

Hamish boogies on down

The dancefloor

Casino-themed mega cocktail glasses

Martin cuddles his '50' balloons

Martin with gold balloons stuck to him

Martin throws some shapes

Dancefloor action

Nice effect with striped lights

Hamish, at the back, does some Dad dancing

Martin's picked up some extra breasts

Time for a hug

It gets epic on the stage

Martin's boobs go on parade

A blur of motion

Major shapes

Licenced to, er, stand still

It's nearly time to go, as Hamish chats to the official photographer

Everyone piles out of the venue and heads off

Hamish roams around on Leerdamseweg, on the way back to the Schildkamp

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'Ursula Andress' gets a photo