The Brome Swan Cycle Weekend, Holt, Norfolk - 12th May 2018

It's time for the first annual BSCC bike ride since the Swan itself closed down back in 2017. On the upside, that means that Sylvia can actually join in for the first time in around 20 years, instead of looking after the pub. The ride leaves Holt, in the depths of North Norfolk, and winds a circular 27 mile route up to Blakeney on the coast before returning. The weather starts out perfectly, although it's raining for the last eight miles or so from Blakeney and back.

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We roam around the streets of Holt

Harry and Isobel pass by a proper old-school shop

The rest of the non-Sagas meet us up in the Taste of India on Bull Street in Holt

Harry chops up a Naan bread

On the other side of the street, a sign which says 'Proud to sell Br, it is 'h' meat'. Or something

Bike-club Indian nosh-up

The Boy Phil does some child tormenting

Fred shows Gaz how to make Origami frogs

The legendary Bakers and Larners of Holt

We return to the Feathers Hotel

Harry's got his head stuck in a magazine

It's breakfast time for the BSCC riders

The Feathers has a nice reception

Harry and Isobel while away a bit of time before the ride starts

Spammy looks over as cyclists assemble

Sylvia comes out to take a photo

A group photo of the BSCC

Our first pause at Stody Lodge

The Sagas and the children catch up

Another pause to check for directions

Harry - on the towbar - must have said something amusing

Marc waves a stern finger in Harry's direction

The Saga group head off up a lane

A pause to re-group in a pretty village

We head off towards Binham

There's another stop - Colin looks over

Fred flakes out for a bit after around 18 miles

The lunch pub - The Chequers - has something of an art gallery going on

Outside the Chequers Inn for lunch

Gaz looks up

A bit of a wrecked building in Binham - home of the blue cheese

A view of the Chequers Inn

Fantastic old-school petrol station in the middle of nowhere: Howell's

The fantastically optimistically-named Howell's Superstore

Great old-style petrol sign

DH looks over

The ruins of Binham Priory

Another wrecked building

Pansies in a tub

Fred looks out as Apple John mills around

The Boy Phil does more child tormenting, as Fred sneaks up from behind

The Saga group head off past the wisteria

A Morgan roars past

Harry and Isobel go for a little ride

At the top of a steep hill

Matthew, Claire and Alan in the Kings Head, Blakeney

Suey, DH, Phil and Marc at the bar of the Kings Head

Gaz is outside hiding from the rain

We cycle through a soggy Blakeney

There's a brief stop at the Wiveton Bell, but we don't stay sadly

Fred plays some guitar before dinner

Fred reads a spot of 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid'

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We roam around the streets of Holt