Isobel's 10km Run, Alton Water, Stutton, Suffolk - 6th May 2018

Isobel enters her first organised race for a while - the Blocks 10K Run, as part of the Alton Water Run 2018 - along with Allyson from Tacolneston. Nosher and the boys tag along to hang around in the sun, roll down hills and eat ice cream.

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Wavy chops some hedge down

A stream of runners and spectators heads down to registration

A Limnological tower over the resevoir

The boys do a spot of limbo

Fred and Harry on the top of the dam

Isobel and Allyson hang around after registration

The boys have a race down the dam's earth bank

A spot of hill rolling

A mass of runners

The race kicks off as over 1,300 runners leg it

There's a lot of watch checking

Isobel and Allyson

Runners and the Alton Resevoir

Firefighter Dale Mason starts his 10km run in full gear

The reflection of high-viz running tops as the runners cross the dam looks like a barcode in the water

The somewhat lo-tech start line

The boys mess around as we wait in a queue for ice cream

A bunch of Laser dinghies race around

There's a sprint for the finish

The joy of finishing

Allyson comes in

Isobel seems happy to finish

One of the runners gets some sort of trumpet fanfare on finishing

The trumpeter shakes hands

Meanwhile, Fred slides down an inflatable slide

Allyson is reflected in Isobel's sunglasses

Isobel flicks through race results

Time for a selfie

Isobel does some stretches

The boys on a climbing frame

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Wavy chops some hedge down