Beer, Bikes and Bands, Burston Crown, Burston, Norfolk - 6th May 2018

Mere minutes after we're back from Isobel's run at Alton Water we're straight off to Beer, Bikes and Bands at the Burston Crown. There's a good turnout of bikes, and there's a beer tent in the garden. 'Nuff said.

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American chopper

A biker from the Fenlander's Chapter heads off towards Shimpling

DH, Isobel and Harry are in the crowd

Fred roams around

DH inspects a bike

Fred stands next to a truly massive v-6 motorbike

Bikers like badges

An electric-green chopper

Another chopper parks up

Suey, Sazzle and Isobel on a bench

Suey takes a photo of some bloke with a twirly moustache

Harry, Fred and Iso at the bar

Harry and Fred mess around with paper

An auction takes place

A biker with a very sparkly helmet heads off

A vintage biker waits

Nice 'Green Man' leather seat

Harry looks up

Isobel at the bar

A guy out of the 1970s chats to someone

The band kicks off

The singer waves his plectrum around

More band action

The singer gets into it

The Boy Phil appears

Harry looks like a ball of mischief

Harry points at stuff

More Harry

It's fingers down from Gabes

Back at home, Fred plays guitar round the fire

A fire-pit moment

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American chopper