A Trip to Blickling Hall, Aylsham, Norfolk - 29th April 2018

Even though Isobel and the boys had been to Blickling Hall recently with the Brussels contingent, Nosher hadn't been since the mid 1990s, so it was decided we would visit again. There was also a chance to poke around in the RAF Oulton museum, where we actually discovered some flight logs from Gunton Field, in Montgomery Alabama, relating to Nosher's grandad supervising some pilot training in a Vultee PT-13 advanced trainer. Finally, on the way back through Norwich, we stop off at the Forum for a visit to Pizza Express.

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The gang head up to Blickling Hall, on a wet day

Inside the RAF museum

Harry and Fred

Harry tries a typewriter out

Fred's doing a spot of Morse Code

A big model aeroplane suspended from the roof

A log entry showing J Wilkinson as pilot, with a photo of the Vultee BT 13 trainer

Nosher's Grandad as 1st pilot, early September 1942

Fred roams around

the grand frontage of Blickling

Walking around in the rain

The bluebells are out in force

Walking up wet steps in wellies

Blickling's impressive topiary

Fred's up a tree

The boys eat a snack

Harry on a log

Harry and the bluebells

A very pink room, thanks to the pink plastic stuck to the windows

Isobel and Harry look up

The East Wing of Blickling

Fred points

Stunning pink rhododendron

Harry appears from out of the rhododendron bush

Fred pokes a Monkey Puzzle tree

A view over the topiary and Blickling's lake

A white bench contrasts with black grasses

The boys run through the tulip garden

Rainy tulips

Harry in the National Trust café

Bits of Blickling through leaded glass

The boys in the NT shop

Walking back from Blickling

The Buckinghamshire Arms, next to the hall

Fred reads the menu in Pizza Express, in the Forum, Norwich

Harry reads something

Fred furtively eats pizza

Down the spiral stairs

The boys check for Pokémon characters they might not have

In the Bethel Street car park

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The gang head up to Blickling Hall, on a wet day