There's snow on the tracks at Diss Station

There's snow on the tracks at Diss Station

Down at Diss Station, the platform is being cleared

There's a small clear patch on Platform 2

The 8:17 piles on the emergency brakes

Adrian checks in with the driver

Adrian wanders off to chat with the guard

There's snow at the Xylotol factory in Brantham

Frozen puddles and snow down at Brantham

More snowy wasteland

There's no snow in London yet

Marching band on Constitution Hill

Horseback saxophone - the hardest job in music

A bugler on horseback

The Royal standard

The marching band heads off past Buckingham Palace

The scenic desert of Paddington after a bit of snow

Hyde Park and The Serpentine

The Serpentine is quiet

A snowy Hyde Park

A layer of snow on the office window

The first heavy snow appears

Icicles on the shed

Boris - stripey cat - looks unimpressed

The boys are in the garden

Rectory Road in Brome is all snowy

Outside the Oaksmere after a night of snow

An intrepid cyclist heads towards Eye

Harry plays in the garden