A Work Lunch in Nandos, Bayswater Grove, West London - 20th December 2017

Since the move to Paddington and the availability of a canteen, there aren't that many outings out for lunch any more, and it's even rarer to actually be in the office on a day when one happens. But so it was for a walk down to Bayswater Grove and a trip to Nando's

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Down at Diss Station, Greater Anglia is getting all festive with some free Christmas-tree shortbread

Customer Services even has a tree up

Down near Bethnal Green, there's the usual sight of two men working and two more watching

Some unfinished graffiti

More silver graffiti - the colour of the moment

It's unusual to see a tag - Wendy - that doesn't seem to be an alias

New tagger T8C adds Ebot

Some abandoned insulators have been graffiti'd

There's a lone horseman, carrying the Royal Standard, on the Mall

SwiftKey heads out of Sheldon Square

There's more building going on around Paddington Station

The view from Bishop's Bridge

A bunch of InterCity 125's, aka Class 43s, wait on the platform at Paddington before they head off to the West Country

Waiting to cross the road

A more-intersting-than-usual tower block

Rainy pavements outside the Porchester pub

The stunning 1930s Queens cinema is now some sort of furniture store

Striking shop dummies

A gloomy Bishop's Bridge Road in Bayswater Grove

SwiftKey in Nando's

Tehmur does some gang sign at the top of the stairs

Striking windows

A very-out-of-place mock-Tudor electrical tat shop

The restored Art Deco façade (and all that remains) of the former Queens Cinema

Pizza art on the wall of an Italian restaurant

A small street supermarket

Amusing house number - 62½ Kempford House

A statue of some children chasing a ball

Crumbling building

A tiny car in a very big space

Derelict trackside building outside Paddington

The many tracks coming out of Paddington Station are like some crazy model railway when seen from the bridge

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Down at Diss Station, Greater Anglia is getting all festive with some free Christmas-tree shortbread