An Innovation Week, Paddington, London - 27th July 2017

It's innovation week at the Kingston Street office, as the whole of Microsoft takes a week off to work on something completely different. But first, it's the last day of the Espresso Vapore café on Diss station - home of the best sausage rolls and bacon baps in the whole world - sadly closing because Greater Anglia put the rent up.

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Ben and Jayne at Espresso Vapore

Time for the last ever decent bacon bap

Błażej does the ninja trip-wire thing

We do the 'puzzle room' challenge

David and Lachie watch the racing cars

One of the 'sunken lounges' has been turned into a ball pit

Dom has a go

Alex points the way

The car racing final is on

Dom flails about in the ball pool

Spot the head

Furious innovation occurs

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Ben and Jayne at Espresso Vapore