Elbow at High Lodge, Brandon, Suffolk - 29th June 2017

It's the second gig in the same week, this time to see the band Elbow in the pleasant forest setting of High Lodge, near Thetford. The band played a good mixture of old and new stuff, and whilst being broadly mellow could certainly rock things up when required. The hour delay horror of getting in to the venue was offset by the ease of getting out, as the venue opened up several off-road tracks which allowed us to swiftly escape through the dark forest.

next album: Camping at Dower House, West Harling, Norfolk - 1st July 2017
previous album: Flaming Lips at the UEA, Norwich, Norfolk - 26th June 2017

The view from the back

Purple lights

The forest crowd - mostly, it has to be said, of an older generation

Guy Garvey gives it some under pink light

The band wigs out for a bit

Elbow in a quieter moment

Guy Garvey encourages the crowd

The band thanks the crowd after the encore

People stream back to their cars in the makeshift forest car parks

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The view from the back