The Real Last Night of the Swan, Brome - 24th June 2017

Alan finds a couple more barrels of beer that he didn't know he had lying around, and kindly offers them for a last couple of nights - Wednesday and Thursday after the bike ride. First, there's the actual bike ride to Thorndon, and then there's a lizard in the garden.

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Gaz cycles along with a bit of tree

Gaz in a tree

Paul, Isobel and Gaz outside the Thorndon Black Horse

Martin looks grumpy again

We sneak into the Swan with our bikes

Martin gets a beer

The last graffiti

Urinal Number One

The view out of the bog window

Marc holds up a block of margarine

Mick 'gasses up the Hog' and leaves

A tiny lizard

Grandad, The Boys and Isobel hang out in the garden

The cats roam around

Grandad inspects the greenhouse

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Gaz cycles along with a bit of tree