A West London Miscellany, Paddington - 17th February 2017

It's a few weeks in to the new commute to the far-flung reaches of Paddington in West London - about six miles from Liverpool Street. As the route takes in The Mall and Buckingham Palace, at least there's the changing of the guard to see most mornings.

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A nice old longboat on the canal at Paddington Basin

The area of Paddington optimistically known as 'Little Venice'

Tiled graffiti of sorts

The picturesque canal is somewhat marred by the looming concrete of the A40 Westway

A statue of some dude

Shiny glass and reflected buildings on Kingdom Street

The view of the atrium of the office from the 8th floor

Back in Diss, Hemstocks' is closed up for renovations or something

Lovely old Mini outside Londis in Bacton, Suffolk

Harry in Pizza Express, Bury St. Edmunds

As Nosher cycles up The Mall to work, the changing of the guard is often occuring

Guardsmen, bearing the Royal Standard, on The Mall

A couple of fearless window cleaners in Paddington

There's a rainbow over West London

Back home, Fred has made a suit of armour for Monkey

Harry swings around

The boys run about in Diss Park

Harry and Fred work out

Harry gurns

The Mere in Diss, through the rushes

Fred watches the ducks

Harry assembles his pizza

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A nice old longboat on the canal at Paddington Basin