A Snowy Day, Brome, Suffolk - 12th February 2017

There's some unexpected overnight snow - just enough for the boys to make a snowman. After the snowman, we talk a walk to see Chinner the Horse, and end up at the pub again, for a swift beer or two

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Fred with some snow

Harry's excited

Fred makes a snow construction

The boys start to pile up some snow

Harry's got a big snowball

In the garden

The back field

Harry does a roll-up

Isobel joins in

The finished snowman

Fred's got another big snowball

Fred runs off

A snowball fight breaks out

Isobel gets a close-range snowball to the head

Harry in his snowsuit

Fred lobs a snowball

Isobel says 'hi' to a particularly-hairy Chinner

Tony gives the boys some carrots to feed Chinner with

Harry and Chinner

Chinner stands alone in his field

Isobel outside Brome church

Fred poses

The boys do some more comedy stylings

The Caroline Kerrison stained-glass window

The Devil's Handbasin garage

There's a long Harry reflected in a beer pump

Isobel and Harry, Harry with the favourite 'Lizzie Shirt' Grandma-J hoodie that was once Fred's

Harry looks over

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Fred with some snow