A Day at High Lodge, Brandon, Suffolk - 3rd January 2017

It's another day out for the school holidays - this time to High Lodge in Brandon Forest, just outside Thetford. We even manage to scam a lift with Rachel, which is a bonus.

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Everyone piles out of the car

Isobel and Megean look back

Megan drags Harry around on the spinny thing

Harry hurtles around

A den is constructed

Alice hauls over a small branch

Harry in the den

The den is inspected

Everyone crams in for a Pringles snack

The 'Dengineers' pose for a photo

The children run off into the woods

A pair of F-15s roars overhead

Alice swings around

Fred has a go as everyone else looks on

Outside the café

Leaning back

The children are all on a massive swing

There's hair everywhere

Climbing a big rope pyramid

Harry in a tangled rope pyramid

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Everyone piles out of the car