"Our Little Friends" Warbirds Hangar Dance, Hardwick, Norfolk - 9th July 2016

For the first time in a couple of years we're back at Maurice Mustang's hangar dance, at the home of Janie and Marinell, the P51-D Mustangs. And also for the first time in a couple of years it's not either raining or freezing cold. Bonus. It's also the first time out for the van since its epic six-month layover for a gearbox re-build, and Isobel's work-related massive come up from Saffron Walden to do a spot of Lindy Hop

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Harry in his stripey shirt

Guests assemble for picnics in front of the Harvard

Janie and Marinall, and the noses of the Harvard and the Auster

Front view of the Harvard's nose

Harry with his improvised ear-plugs

The first dancers take to the floor

Paul and Dawn throw some cool moves

Outside, there's a nice old Vauxhall

Suzanne, Clive and Debbie

Isobel gets a quick dancing lesson

Fred cheers up once he gets some ear-defenders on

Harry waves his arms around

Dawn, Paul and Harry

Isobel tries the ear-defenders on, as Harry does some test shouting

Janie in the sunset

Janie in the fading light

The Harvard and Marinell, and a great sunset

Harry and Fred do some limbo

A guest singer does 'Berkeley Square'

Dancing occurs

Spotty dresses

The balloons are unleashed

Some kind of 1940s line-dancing is going on

Isobel dances among the balloons

Suzanne and a balloon

The US-Army guy looks surprised

Suzanne does some crazy dancing

Trombone styling from the Jonathan Wyatt big Band

More trombone action

The aftermath, once the balloon fall-out has settled

The next morning, Harry and Fred roam around as a sort-of blanket-ghost

Harry sits in a field

Thumbs up from the boys

The boys - in matching Spider-Man pyjamas - do some sort of Lego zip-wire

The van returns!

The boys in the van

The boys are surprised to see an abandone microwave oven on the grass runway

The gang have another look at the planes

Nice side-view of Janie the Mustang

Way-in hedge sign

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Harry in his stripey shirt