Harry's Pirate Party, Brome, Suffolk - 16th April 2016

It's Harry's birthday party, postponed on account of the actual day being too close to the Portugal trip, over on the Oaksmere's Pirate Ship. It also marks the first time that the Oaksmere has ever hosted a children's party.

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Fred shows off a stick-on tattoo

Fred and Sophie look for mischief to get into

Grace dishes out the tattoos

Harry with a hat on

The children burst out of the conservatory

The Jolly Conkerer

On board the pirate ship

Harry and his chum inspect a sculpture

It's hands up for something

Fred and Soph the Roph

Feeding frenzy

Rachel does the bar

View from behind the bar

Fred and Sophie again

Harry's pirate-ship cake is hauled in

Isobel cuts the cake

Harry raids the sweet box

The party breaks up

Amelia, Fred and Henry

Funky reflections on the inside of a lampshade

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Fred shows off a stick-on tattoo