The Seals of Horsey Gap, Norfolk - 21st February 2016

It's been on the list of "things to do" for a few weeks, but we finally get it together to head over to Horsey Gap to see the seals, along with the world + dog and even the local postman (+ dog).

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Harry looks a little hesitant on the path to the beacg

The dunes of Horsey Gap

Harry and Fred dig like dogs in the sand

A session of seal-watching starts somewhat darkly with a dead seal

Fred does the sand-angel thing

Harry stomps around

This single intra-groyne patch of beach is home to hundred of seals

A pile of blubber

Happiness is a beach

Isobel and Harry roam around at the back as the crowds look on

A sandy seal does some tail-lifting

A beach-full of seals

Fred, Harry and Isobel

Harry makes a bid for freedom

On the rocks

A curious seal pokes around among the rocks

Harry and Fred mess around

Oh maaaan, it's good to scratch

A silver seal-pup looks like a mirror

The seal pup comes up close

Harry, on the beach

A dude with a stick watches the seals

Fred nearly gets blown away in the wind

Fred and Harry and the wilds of North-east Norfolk

Fred looks worried

Harry has a good shout at the wind

In amongst the sea-grasses

A WW2 pill box on the cliff top now can't see the sea

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Harry looks a little hesitant on the path to the beacg