John Willy's 65th and Other Stories, The Swan, Brome, Suffolk - 31st October 2015

There's a nice but overpriced Italian market in Diss, which makes a change from the usual nice but overpriced French markets that appear from time to time. Then, the boys are getting ready for Hallowe'en, after which it's John Willy's 65th/retirement party up The Swan. The next day, Nosher and Fred drive ¼ of a tonne of apples over to Greenwood's Apples near Carelton Rode

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Italian olives

Charlie Garner (right), once a train despatcher down at Diss station, chats to someone

Tasty cheese

Some dude slices off some prosciutto ham

Harry and Fred mess around on the stones near Morissons

Harry plays with his favourite baby toy in Amandines Café, Diss

A wooden maze puzzle

Harry gets some face paint on

Harry with spiky hair

Fred's got the vampire look on

The boys look suitably ghoulish

Our Hallowe'en pumpkin (grown in the garden as well)

It's sparkler-tastic

John Willy holds a beer

John says hi

Spammy has a laff

A pub full of people

John chats to Colin 'n' Jill

Fred gives the apples the thumbs up

A very dewy spier web

Fred roams around Trevor's apple yard

A pile of apples

Trevor's pressing room

Fred plays a bit of piano

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Italian olives