Fred's Gyrobot and Apple Picking, Brome, Suffolk - 18th October 2015

Fred gets a cool Gyrobot as a late birthday present from Grandma J and spends the entire weekend doing stuff with it. Then, after a bit of late-October miscellany, it's time for this year's apple picking.

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Down in Diss, there's a cool Mark 1 Ford Escort

Harry and Fred on the island in Chapel Street car park

Fred peeps through a halloween cut-out in Morissons

Fred again

Gyrobot trundles around

Fred likes Gyrobot

Gyrobot does some tightrope walking

Gryobot trundles around some more on its two wheels

Meanwhile, Harry thinks of interesting ways to dis-assemble Fred's Lego car

It's a bit dark behind the 'tent' at Bressingham Garden Centre

Fred's cling-on dinosaur plays double-bass

What could be a nice house in Diss is still mysteriously derelict

Fred and Harry show off their new Hot Wheels in Morissons

Harry gets a haircut down at John Doe's on Victoria Road

The band hang out in the Railway Tavern, Framingham Earl

Another pub, another set up

Fred waves down the Oaksmere's autumnal avenue

Yellow autumn leaves in the sun

Golden avenue

A carpet of pale yellow leaves

A bright blue flower

Harry and Fred have some purple squash

In the office in Southwark, someone's gone a bit nuts with post-it notes

Isobel and Harry get ready to pick apples

Harry's got a couple of buckets

Boris - stripey cat - helps out

Harry and Boris

Nosher in the orchard

Grandad helps out too

This year's crop - some 230 kilogrammes

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Down in Diss, there's a cool Mark 1 Ford Escort