Coffey does coding

Coffey does coding

There's an Antarctic theme in a meeting room

Deep blue lighting

Some funky lighting

There's a very green 'jungle' room

Tom and Adam work on something

Tom sticks something to a glass wall

Nick on his laptop

It's bring your dog to work day

A dog in the office

Błaże works on the ongoing Flappy Bird project

Błaże figures out some Flappy Bird issues

The dog has been duplicated

There are some cool Tetris-like lights

A Meowth Pokémon stuffed toy

The petrol station gets a delivery

There are still lots of shoes on the garage roof

Precious sits down with a mug of tea

There's some sort of presentation occuring

A guy from Imperial does a presentation on ML

Moral Runch and Yack graffiti

A view of the Walkie Talkie in The City

The Shard reflects a cloudy sky

The Shard again, at sunset

A blur of The Thames at night

A river taxi floats by in a blurry trail

The South Bank at Southwark

St Paul's and The Thames

The Wobbly Bridge, and Blackfriar's

Southwark Bridge

The Financial Times building

The Shard and Cannon Street Bridge

The Shard, as seen from a bridge somewhere

The Smartie bridge on Southwark Street

The lights of 'Smartie Bridge' reflect in a car

The Shard, as seen from Southwark Street

Under the bridge at Union Street

SwiftKey's offices (with the lights on)

A bus on Southwark Bridge Road

Union Street, near the office

LEDs and transistors on a circuit board

Nosher's in East Cheap to visit Maplin

St. Paul's, from Friday Street

The Bloomberg-development cranes loom

Nosher's data glove