Of Moths, Bike Rides and Underpants: A July Miscellany, Suffolk, Norfolk and London - 6th July 2015

A round-up of randomness: the BSCC does one of its Thursday bike rides, this time out to the Tibenham Greyhound, over the border in Norfolk. Then, Nosher's team at work de-camps to the trendy Citizen M hotel in Southwark to do a "code clean-up day", plus the spot that Nosher cycles through on the way to London work is where the eighth cyclist this year was killed the day before - right outside the Bank of England. After that, there's some messing around in Diss combined with bumping in to old Badminton chum and fellow Printec/BPCC Anglia Web alumnus Crispy in Morrisons, and finally there's a giant moth to contend with, which is fluttering around in the back room and which needs rescuing.

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A mini Airstream-style caravan is hauled along Southwark Street

Suey and Spammy rock up at the Tibenham Greyhound in Norfolk

The bike club hangs around outside the Greyhound

Suey escapes as Spam is at the bar

Pippa and the ever-surprised Apple

This car, which looks like it has crashed in to the field, is actually parked

On the way back from Tibenham at the top of The Heywood

A former pub

Nosher cycles past the recent scene of another cyclist death in London, outside the Bank of England. The sign says 'Stop killing cyclists'

At the Citizen M hotel in Southwark, Nosher's work team decamps to do a 'code cleanup day'

The funky meeting zone of the Citizen M

Metro bar

Harry's got pants on his head and food on his face

Harry does some more rolling about with underpants on his head

Fred sticks a small blanket on and pretends to fly

Harry and Fred's favourite place - the EACH Charity shop toy department in Diss

Mount Street in Diss has got the bunting out

Harry and Fred mess about in Browne's the butchers

A cockerel hassles people eating their sausages

Fred lassoes a banana in Morrisons as David looks on

Crispy points at the boys: 'are these yours?'

Fred in Beard's Delicatessen, Eye

Fred solemnly points to the smoked cashews he'd like to eat

Isobel looks all 'Hollywood shades' as Gabes scores a ride in his old buggy

Grace clings to the outside of the pirate ship

Fred pulls his bed on to the floor so he can sleep next to Nosher's collection of old Mamod steam models

We find a giant stripey moth in the back room and catch in a net

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A mini Airstream-style caravan is hauled along Southwark Street