The Pink Ladies Tractor Run, Harleston and Gawdy Park, Norfolk - 5th July 2015

It's the annual "Pink Ladies" tractor run, from Thorpe Abbots Airfield via Gawdy Park, just outside Harleston. We take the van over first to Harleston, where the procession winds its way through the town center, and then on to Gawdy Park where there's a picnic - just in time for the lashing rain to clear up.

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Tractors in the lashing rain

Isobel waves

There's a tractor under there somewhere

The blue-smoking vintage tractors trundle in to Harleston

A Little Grey Fergie

This driver looks less than impressed by the weather

A look of surprise from a Dextra driver

A tractor with illuminated boobs

Look Ma! No hands!

Rachel waves

Rachel trundles on down the road

Isobel and a glum-looking Harry

Rachel rumbles in to Gawdy Park

Vintage tractors assemble for a lunch break

A stream of tractors comes in to the park

Pink flowers

More tractors

Rachel arrives

Harry and Isobel (and Fred in the van)

Picnic time

The children climb all over the tractors

Soph the Roph

The gang runs wild

Fred steals Grace's knitted thing

Sophie hangs on to Harry

Grace, Lydia and Fred on the tractor

Rachel auditions for the next Michelin calendar

An environmentally-friendly tractors barfs in to life

Super pink

Rachel heads off for Part 2

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Tractors in the lashing rain