James and Haryanna's Wedding, Grand Canal Dock, Dublin - 15th April 2015

It's James and Haryanna's wedding over in Dublin. Isobel's been over with Harry for a week already, helping Haryanna prepare, so Fred and Nosher head out just for a coule of days for the main event.

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Fred hangs around at the bus stop in the long-stay car park

Planes in the sunset

An impressionist's view of Stansted in the dusk

It's a wedding-day morning in Blackrock

Isobel and Haryanna


Isobel helps Annalua with her dress

It's time for magic hands

Haryanna gets some make-up on

Some dramatic make-up action is about to occur

A table stuffed with make-up products

Annalua roams around with a glass of orange juice

Annalua with her crown of flowers

Isobel and Lua help with Hayanna's ribbons

The bride arrives at the Registry office

Mother and Bride

Fred stares as Harry picks his nose

Guests mingle at the venue

Haryanna and her mother stride down the aisle

James awaits

Lua and Isobel

James sorts the rings out

The service

With this ring...

James signs the register

Haryanna signs

More signing

The marriage is complete

Time for a snog

Haryanna and Jamie as wife and husband

Group hugs

Philly gets a hug

The children run around as everyone mingles

Haryanna, Louise and Isobel

Group photo

Da Wheeze gets a ciggie on

Milling around outside the registry office

The children let off some steam

There's a derelict-looking house next door that someone's living in

Fred clings to a fence

The guests assemble outside

Philly and Davida head off down the road as the wedding car waits

Cool graffiti and wasteland next to the registry office

Fred and the sisters cross the road

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Fred hangs around at the bus stop in the long-stay car park