A Day in Dunwich, Suffolk - 6th April 2015

We take the van down to Dunwich to spend a few hours on the beach, see the museum and eat fish'n'chips in the van.

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A nice flower from the garden

Boris - stripey cat

Looking down the coast from Dunwich to Sizewell B (rectangle, decomissioned) and C (golfball) nuclear power stations

Harry messes about in a boat as Isobel looks on

Harry and Fred run along the beach

A short length of rope lies on the beach

More discarded rope and rusted metalwork

Harry and Fred run down to Dunwich Priory

Fred looks super-glum when he discovers one is not supposed to climb on the ruins

A stone gargoyle

Nice brick pattern

Harry and Fred hide from the wind

Fred in a bit of a ruin

Harry hauls Iron Man through the woods

Tumble-down wooden shed

What remains of Dunwich High Street

Fred tries on some chain mail in the Dunwich museum

Fred does his stare

Harry and Fred mess around on a cannon outside the museum

Fred inspects his 'Science Rocks' in the back of the van

Harry's found some interesting dried seaweed

Rusted old steel hausers and chains

Wrecked winch sheds

Harry legs it round the van

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A nice flower from the garden