A Christmas Miscellany - 14th December 2014

A round-up of December randomness, including some emergency camera-phone pics and trips to Bury St. Edmunds and Thornham

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A fruit sticker placed on the ceiling of the gents' bogs in the Swan in 1993 is still there

Back in October, the year's apple harvest is dropped off at Trevor's place in Careleton Rode

October pumpkin

Fred and Harry make cards for Mammy's birthday

Fred does some cool pictures of a Saturn V

Fred roams around the market in Diss

Harry and Fred score some free tee-shirts from Nosher's work

Fred floats in the air on the wooden throne at Thornham

HArry and Fred on logs

Harry's on his balance bike

A bouquet of barbed wire

Harry has a roar

Late Autumn leaves

The grave of second-to-none Adjutant's horse 'Bob'

Fred spots a nest of hibernating ladybirds

Isobel on a swinging plank

Skeleton tree against a leaden sky

Fred and Isobel on the roundabout

Harry has a swing

The sun rises throught the greenhouse

A squirrel sits on the path in Abbey Gardens in Bury St. Edmunds

Abbey ruins

Fred runs around playing Hide 'n' Seek

Tiny bracket fungi on a log

Fred on a café table at the top of Angel Hill

Fred blows on a chip

The German sausage van

Urban decay, Bury style

There's a strange enclave of 1990s buses at the bus station

Wind turbines at Eye airfield

Isobel and the boys build a Lego nativity scene

Fred and HArry build a nest to watch Boj

The Mikey-P Massive come over for nibbles

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A fruit sticker placed on the ceiling of the gents' bogs in the Swan in 1993 is still there