A Birthday Trip to the Zoo, Banham, Norfolk - 26th May 2014

It's Nosher's birthday so by way of a day out to mark the occasion, we pile over to nearby Banham Zoo with Grandad and the boys. It's also the first visit with two new-ish long lenses...

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The camels are still there, including the one that looks like it was in The Omega Man

Grandad looks over as the boys fight for control of the tractor

A butterfly

Another butterfly perches on a leaf

Grandad and Harry

A monkey sings

A monkey shows off its full set of gnashers

Walk like a penguin

Harry stuffs a sandwich in to his face

Bright flower

Fred and Harry run around

The boys have a bit of a sit down

Bright green parakeet

Stunning plumage on a parakeet

A perching pelican

A stripey-tailed lemur

Tarka the Otter

The two otters sit up and shout at the watching crowds

It's a meerkat. Simples!

Prairie dogs sit up

A girl gets a lick from a giraffe

Isobel pretends that she's being eaten by the lift

At the bird display, a parrot gets a treat

Bright Brazilian parrots fly around the skies of Norfolk

More parrot action

Almost-symmetrical parrots

A snake-eating bird leaps up for a treat

An Eagle Owl

The Eagle Owl swoops in to land on its perch

A vulture roams around

A gaggle of vultures

A wide-eyed Peregrine Falcon

Bright pink-edged rose

A bee does its thing in the flowers

Fred hangs from a Tyrannosaurus Rex

Inquisitive Llama

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The camels are still there, including the one that looks like it was in The Omega Man