Life's A Beach, Walberswick, Suffolk - 5th May 2014

It's time for a trip to Walberswick beach. On the way, we happen to end up behind Wavy and Martina who are heading in the same direction, so we end up hanging out in stiff on-shore wind "en masse"

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The boys head down to the beach

Isobel shakes out the travel rug

Harry roams around in the dunes

Fred - as Superman - runs up a dune

Harry wanders off with his net

Wavy and Martina

Oak and Fred go for a paddle

Wavy brings Harry down to the beach

Fred and Oak run around

Isobel and Martina are left at the top of the beach

We brave the strong wind...

...before retreating to behind the dunes, where it's much less windy

Southwold Lighthouse across the marshes

Fred and Harry play

Fred finds some interesting dried seaweed

Fred flings a net around

Harry sets off on an escape attempt

Fred does sand angels

Harry eats raisins (and sand)

Fred makes a sand pile

It's ice-cream time

Isobel and the boys eat ice cream

We wait for Isobel (who's wandered off) in the back of the car

Back home, this cut red pepper looks like a screaming face

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The boys head down to the beach