Fred's Fifth Birthday, The Village Hall, Brome, Suffolk - 28th September 2013

It's Fred's Fifth birthday, so to celebrate the occasion Isobel hires the village hall in Brome, complete with the "DJ Shagz" disco experience (which goes down quite well with the parents, at least). The entire set of Aunties is in town - Evelyn, "Da Wheeze", Sis and Mel, all of whom help to herd the flock of about 35 children around (which according to Nosher's revised 2^(n/2) law makes for an "apparent child count" of about 130,000 - which seems about right, volume-wise at least). Highlight of the day is surely a special flyast from Fred's favourite WWII Mustang "Janie", who buzzes the hall a couple of times. This is thanks to "Chickens" Clive's tip-off to Maurice "Mustang" Hammond, who's flying back to Hardwick from a "sortie" somewhere. Amazing.

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First things first: a paper aeroplane session

Matthew shows off his plane

Clare and Jack wander in to the kitchen

Isobel preps the children for an 'evacuation' in to the car park when Janie flies over

Granddad blows bubbles

Harry - Baby Gabey - roams around outside

P51D Mustang 'Janie' tears around the skies above Brome Village Hall

The crowds throng around in the car park after Janie does her flypast

Quality sprog food: cheese puffs, hotdogs and pizza

Fred sits on the end

Rosie dances around

Clive sips some coffee

Fred's amazing cake, complete with an icing Janie Mustang

Fred's cake comes out

The kitchen is full of balloons

Fred's present pile

Louise's 'tattoo' corner

Gabes dances with Jessica

Fred and Sophie

Grandad under a pile of balloons, in which Matthew is lurking

Harry's found a good hidey-hole around the back of a pile of stacked tables

Fred and some balloons

Everyone's gone as Fred dances around with his balloon stash

The icing Janie

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First things first: a paper aeroplane session