Southwold By The Sea, Suffolk - 29th September 2013

It's the day after Fred's birthday part at the village hall. We take the remaining aunties - Evelyn, Louise and Sis - over to Southwold for a few hours on the beach. It's a warm but windy day, and the seas are churning up a good head of foam in the brisk north-easterly. All of which calls for a spot of fish'n'chips from the pier café accompanied by a bit of random barbershop singing, courtesy of some North London school. Clearly having a bit of a sing is something to do whilst their bus driver figures out why he's ended up at Southwold instead of Sheppey.

next album: The Diss Cornhall Beer Festival and Maglia Rosa Group, Diss, Norfolk - 12th October 2013
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Louise hangs around with a smoke on the go

Piling out of the van

Gabes gets rugged up as Fred messes about on his scooter

Beach huts

The 'love shack'

Sis blows some sea-foam around

Harry, Evelyn and Sis on the beach

Fred, Sis and Harry - contra jour

Fred runs up the beach, through the foam

Sis, Fred, Isobel and Harry

Sis looks out over a groyne

Southwold beach, and the beach huts

Evelyn, Isobel and Harry

A pile of sea foam

Evelyn swings Harry around

Sis blows on a chip

The promenade crowds watch the barbershop choir

Fred and Harry eat fish and chips

More barbershop action

Nice mosaic table on Southwold pier

Fred plays one of Tim Hunkin's games in the 'under the pier' show

Harry smiles

Sis piles out of the 'bathyscape', laughing

Another de-rigeur photo of Southwold, from the pier

The Southwold coast

A very green corridoor, leading out of (or in to, depending upon your frame of reference) the amusement arcade

Harry gives it the 'hairy eyeball'

Walking along the promenade

Fred and Louise in the Crown Hotel's back bar

Evelyn and Sis

One of the huts around the boating pond has been done up in to some sort of '50's shed'

A derelict fire engine

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Louise hangs around with a smoke on the go