Harry on a pink tractor

Harry on a pink tractor

Fred has a go on the Fordson Major

The pink Fordson tractor

The petrol station's tank space is complete

The BSCC in the lanes up from Billingford

The old railway station at Pulham St. Mary

The BSCC outside the Crown in Pulham

Pippa waves as we head off again

Millions of tiny beetls on a poppy

Boris - Stripey Cat - strolls around

Boris has a lie down

Millie the Mooch perches on a statue

Isobel watches Millie cat

Millie wants out, having been scooped up

Harry stumps around in the garden

A bee visits a poppy

More bumble bee action

The space where the shed used to be

Grandad grinds up the old garage

Angle-grinding action

A junk-filled garage

Nosher finds a squirrel skeleton

A squirrel skull