Steph's Wedding and The BBs, Burston, Norfolk - 13th July 2013

In time-honoured tradition (which dates back to Henry's wedding in 2006), The BBs are playing a free gig on behalf of a band member, in this case Jo the singer's daughter Steph. Before that, there's a Brome Swan Cycling Club ride out to the Pulham Market Crown...

next album: The 8th Latitude Festival, Henham Park, Southwold, Suffolk - 17th-20th July 2013
previous album: The "Pink Ladies" Tractor Run and Barbeque, Thorpe Abbots, Norfolk - 7th July 2013

The cycle group head off up the now-mostly disused road from Billingford to Thelveton

The old Pulham Railway Station - still with its platform intact

The bike club splinter group mills around outside the Pulham Crown

Pippa waves and Paul gurns

A load of tiny beetles roam around in a poppy flower

A poppy seed head

Boris - Stripey Cat - lounges around

Milly the Mooch balances on a statue's head

Mills doesn't seem that impressed about being scooped up

A bumble bee with a a pollen-stuffed leg that looks like 18th century breeches

A bumble bee in flight

A bumble bee browses for nectar

Multi-coloured hanging lampshades

Rob scratches his head as he figures out the desk

Max, Henry and a load of lampshades

A wedding cake

Jo and her god-daughter

Henry and Max mess around

Outside, Isobel talks to formerly-known-as-Amandines Sue

Will and Steph do the first dance

More first dancing

Jo joins in

Will and Steph pause for a photo

Jo gets really in to it

More crazy dance moves

Wedding dancing

Paz gets ready to play a number

Another musical guest

Backstage, as the DJ hangs around

Max roams around by The Van

Henry, Martin, Max and Steph

A small boy runs past and leaps in to the air

Wilma and Isobel on the prosecco

Henry, Max and Rob

The VW campervan (which was also at the Wingfield wedding) does fancy dress

A fancy-dress bow tie is selected

Jo presents the band with a cake each

Some dude gets a bit carried away

Steph talks to Isobel and the band

The evening dancing commences

Isobel bops around in a sea of summer frocks

Outside throngs

Some amusing faces

A small, tired, boy manages to keep dancing with just one arm

Will and his boys get all mosh pit

More mosh-pit action

The morning after

The cheeseboard has been properly demolished

A stack of washing up

Isobel waits in the van

Someone has artfully turned over the 'W' of Will to make something of an entirely different meaning

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The cycle group head off up the now-mostly disused road from Billingford to Thelveton