The "Pink Ladies" Tractor Run and Barbeque, Thorpe Abbots, Norfolk - 7th July 2013

Started in 2004, the "Pink Ladies" tractor run involves (mostly) vintage tractors trundling around the Norfolk countryside from and back to Thorpe Abbots Airfield. 2004 had 50 tractors taking part whereas 2013's run saw around 160 drive the route, from "little grey/pink Fergies" up to humungo MB Tracs, the odd giant John Deere and everything in between - all decked out in pink. To celebrate the fact that the run passes by the front of their house, the Mikey P massive hold a barbeque in their garden. Firstly though, Isobel and Fred are off to "that there London" to meet up with Brussels Jules and Natan.

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Isobel and Fred on the platform at Diss Station

Isobel closes the door on the last slam-door trains in service in the UK - the Mark 3 coaches of the Norwich-London train

The gang at Mikey P's house

Wandering down the road to the village pump

Grandad is spotted lurking under a tree

Mikey P strides down the road

A couple of marshalls in pink high-vis vests

The first of the 160 tractors appear

A whole line of pink tractors

A very pink Ferguson TEF-120

Rachel in Andrew's prized Fordson Major

A cloud of blue smoke hangs over Thorpe Abbots

The Boy Phil rocks up on his bike

A tractor with a load of bras dangling from it

A BMC Nuffield 460 tractor

Wavy holds a can of beer aloft

Back in the garden, Aunty Isobel has a go of the hammock

Sophie tries in vain to push Bill around

Bill does some juggling

Harry - Baby Gabey - peers out of his new ride

Clare and Guv

Martina, Clare with Harry and The Boy Phil

Back in Rachel's garden, Harry gets a go of the Fordson

Fred on a pink tractor

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Isobel and Fred on the platform at Diss Station