Public Enemy at the UEA and other Camera-phone Randomness - 24th April 2013

It's not often that the proper camera isn't to hand, so camera-phone photos don't occur that often. Hence this round-up spanning about a year and a half, covering everything from a night in the kebab shop only a few weeks before the birth of Harry, through to the most recent, where Nosher and Marc head off to the University of East Anglia's lower common room to see the legends that are Public Enemy for a stonking session of proper old-skool Hip Hop.

next album: Spammy's Birthday, The Swan Inn, Brome, Suffolk - 27th April 2013
previous album: Uncle James's Ninetieth Birthday, Cheadle Hulme, Manchester - 20th April 2013

In October 2011, Fred has a proper 'floor tantrum' in Morrisons

November 2011, and a tree has been blown over on the Thrandeston road

It's December 2011 and Jaley's birthday at work in London

The staff ponder the details of Jaley's birthday cake

Rob draws some band-related graffiti on the bog wall at The Swan

A night in the kebab shop, Diss, 24th Feb 2012

Amusing graffiti in The Swan

In January 2013, Nosher meets Syliva on the school run in Eye

The inside view of a Lithuanian car wash, Diss

Out of the office window in Southwark, the 'Britain's Got More Talent' van breaks down

Public Enemy at the UEA

Chuck D gives it some

Flava Flav goes crowd surfing

More Public Enemy

Flava Flav salutes the crowd

Public Enemy leave the stage

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In October 2011, Fred has a proper 'floor tantrum' in Morrisons