Spammy's Birthday, The Swan Inn, Brome, Suffolk - 27th April 2013

It's Spammy's 60th Birthday, and where more appropriate to have it than up the pub where Spammy has been working for nearly 24 years.

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Fred leans on a tree in the Cornwallis's garden

A dramatic tree, still mostly bereft of leaves despite it nearly being May

Fred pokes around in the Elder

The surprise guests await the arrival of Spam and John

A group of children eagerly wait

Spammy arrives and gets a go of William

Marc does the Black Power salute

Spam roams around

A quartet of relatives

Colin, Jill and Marc

Spam has a laff

Sylvia behind the bar

Oak gets added to the pile of children on top of Bill

Bill's going a bit red in the face under the weight of four girls

Pippa does a spot of mopping

Billy boy

John Willy hands around some cake

General chat and cake

Marc stuffs a bit too much cake in to his cake hole

Sally gets up on a stool to make an announcement

Spammy again

John Willy prepares to hand out some flowers

John Willy gets a kiss from Helen

Oak, Wavy and Martina

Isobel, Carmen and Claire talk about stuff

Happy Birthday balloons

It's time to go

The next morning, Fred's created one of his 'collections' on the sofa

Fred comes back from a party with some face paint on

Fred and the Tiger Face

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Fred leans on a tree in the Cornwallis's garden