Harry looks all innocent with the remote

Harry looks all innocent with the remote

Harry - the Baby Gabey

It's good weather for ducks

The grass is almost as one with the Mere

Wet brick paviers in Norfolk House Yard

Wet shiny bricks

Harry reaches up in Amandines

A funky fish reserved sign

The New Street factory entrance is covered up

The guts of the Marconi site are ripped out

The space where history used to be

A pile of crushed concrete

The iconic Marconi Building in Chelmsford

The derelict water tower near Manningtree station

A view over toward Manningtree

A derelict hut on the mud flats

The tide is out on the river

Derelict factory buildings east of the line

Graffiti on the walls

Pipes and derelict offices

Smashed windows in a stone building

Snow on the roofs of derelict factory buildings

Steel pipes on the other side of the railway

Another derelict factory in Bramford

Wasteland, and some piles of brick

The partly cleared site at Bramford

The edge of dereliction, on the river