Butterflies and Fireworks, Suffolk and Norfolk - 3rd November 2012

It's bonfire night so we get some fish'n'chips and park the van on Wortham Ling to watch the Diss Rugby Club fireworks from a distance. OK, so it's free-loading, but at least Fred and Harry won't be scared of the loud explosions. Then, the caterpillar that arrived in a head of Morrison's broccoli and which was put in to a glass jar so Fred could watch it actually pupates and turns in to a butterfly, which gets a bit of a flap around a sunny greenhouse before probably freezing to death later that night on account of being about three months too late.

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Grandad and Harry exchange a look

Grandad bounces Harry around

Fred watches some guff on the telly

A starburts ofr fireworks

A big double explosion, with a bunch of other explosions going on below

Two fireworks look like evil eyes on stalks

Blue and white streaks

A weeping willow effect, and lots of little puffs os sparks

This slightly-out-of-focus photo looks so much like a Hubble picture of some deep-space stellar nursery or globular cluster

Some of the finale fireworks

A big finish in fireworks

Caught on the wing: Fred's butterfly

Another moment in flight for Fred's butterfly

The butterfly lands and chats to a hover fly

The butterfly takes a sip of nectar

Later on, gory remains stuck to what is now the back of the 16:00 from London to Norwich demonstrates that pigeons and 400 tons of train don't mix

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Grandad and Harry exchange a look