A Busy Day, Southwold and Thornham, Suffolk - 11th November 2012

The Van gets a double outing on a sunny Sunday: firstly, there's an early trip to Southwold to beat the crowds (when we arrive, the car park is empty, when we leave it's nearly full) and a spot of "the forbidden food" (a.k.a. chips) from the café on the pier. After a brief stop home, we then head off for another wander around an autumnal Thornham estate.

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A nice sunset over the side field

Bright-coloured beach huts on Southwold beach front

A stripey beach hut at Southwold

More beach-hut stripes

A new Tim Hunkin installation on the pier

Fred and Isobel mash a coin up

One of Tim Hunkin's 'under the pier' installations

The deliciously-dark 'Pet or Meat'

Under the pier

Southwold pier on sticks

Harry, Isobel and Fred on the beach

On the prom

Harry, Isobel and Fred eat chips

On the beach

Harry and Isobel on the prom

A blue peeper-scope

Fred considers the coin-push machine

In the pier arcade

Harry - baby Gabey - looks out

Bizarre 'Star Trek' coin push

More beach huts

Over in Thornham, Fred's on his bike

Harry peers out of his buggy

Fred's got a very blue tongue

Autumn woodland

A line of mushrooms

Woodland scene

Harry and Isobel

Fred pokes around in the woods

Bright pink flowers

Harry looks out

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A nice sunset over the side field