Sis Comes to Visit, Eye, Suffolk - 18th November 2012

Nosher's Sis is vaguely in the area, and so comes to stay with Grandad for a couple of nights. As well as a nosh-up at Weavers in Diss, we walk around Eye - from the Big Giant Head around via the Pennings to the Eye Queen's Head for a spot of tapas.

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Harry pokes around with the taps at bath-time

Grandad and Sis walk up Pump Hill in Diss

Isobel and Sis in Weavers

Waiting on Cranley Green Road

The Big Giant Head

The fishing lakes and Eye church

Isobel and the gang disappear down a lane

Fred roams about on his balance bike

Reflections in a mirror

Walking around down the lanes

Abbey Bridge

Eye church

Bright autumn leaves

More yellow autumnal foliage

Bigod's castle, Eye

The Guildhall

The fabric shop door, with a lot of notices stuck to the window

A K6 phonebox outside the Town Hall

Grandad roams around Eye

Sis and Harry

Coffee, crisps and beer in the Queens Head

Sis, Harry and Fred

Sis and Harry

The meadows, just outside Eye

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Harry pokes around with the taps at bath-time