The Thirty-Fifth Norwich Beer Festival, Norwich - 31st October 2012

It's the annual Norwich Beer Festival down in St. Andrew's Hall in Norwich. As usual, Big Al sorts out a pub trip, via a train trip from Diss (there just aren't the numbers of hard-core beer-lovers these days to hire a whole coach).

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Paul and The Boy Phil hang around on the platform at Diss

Diss Railway Station

Down in Norwich, it's Kwik-Fit's Price of Wales Road garage

There's a giant inflatable spider stuck to the walls of Hideout nightclub (it's Halloween)

More inflatable spider action

The 'beer gang' walk up to the beer fest

Paul, Gloria, Sue and Benny

Beer crowds (fairly bloke-heavy, it has to be said)

Isobel shows off her tasty sausage snack

A pumpkin lantern

Blackfriar's Hall

The CAMRA games stall

The festival tombola and prize stash

A nice poster of the last 32 beer-glass designs

Dracula conducts the Cawston Silver Band

Down in the crypt, there's some balloon action

Paul and Isobel

The gang assemble for the return walk to catch the train home

Phile and Isobel stroll through Norwich

The train (full of football fans returning from some footbollox game) waits on platform 2 of Norwich station

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Paul and The Boy Phil hang around on the platform at Diss