"Grandma Julie's" Barbeque Thrash, Bressingham, Norfolk - 19th August 2012

Katrina's mother holds her annual barbeque thrash just outside Bressingham in Norfolk. As part of the entertainment, Clive gets out one of his vehicles and gives everyone a spin around the nearby Nofolk countryside.

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previous album: The Campervan Goes To The Seaside, Dunwich, Suffolk - 15th-17th August 2012

A massive Pavlova appears

A forest of gazebos

Mikey P does some swing pushing

Fred's on a bouncy castle

Fred in a playhouse-on-stilts

Clive brings one of his trucks out to play

Isobel and Katrina with Harry and Fred

On the back of the truck

Trundling around the lanes of Norfolk

Fred looks up

The troops disembark

It's Isobel's turn for a spin around

Splashing around

The boys pile in to the pool

Fred piles in to the action

Fred slides down a wet chute

Back home, the barley is ripening nicely

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A massive Pavlova appears