Bill's Barbeque and a Trip to Norwich, Yaxley and Norwich - 25th August 2012

next album: A Bressingham Steam Day, Norfolk, 27th August 2012
previous album: "Grandma Julie's" Barbeque Thrash, Bressingham, Norfolk - 19th August 2012

Harry has a bath in the kitchen sink

Isobel and Fred bump in to Claire and JEssica outside Saints Peter and Paul church in Eye

Carmen's brother rustles up a paella

Fred runs around after Arturo

Carmen chats to Wavy as her brother makes some Mojito

The food table

Sophie/Katie/Emily discuss Mikey-P's disappearing hair

Wavy, Mikey and a baby

Fred spins around on a ride in Castle Mall, Norwich

Fred peers out as Harry - 'Mister Cheese' looks surprised as we head down in the lift

Shoppers mill around in Castle Mall

Rain on the roof

Norwich street art/graffiti

Three bins and an old poster

Norwich castle

Looking down at the Royal Arcade in Norwich

Well-worn phone boxes in Norwich

More Norwich graffiti

Post-modern alienation: an underground car park

One of Grandad's brothers comes to visit

Cath, Graham, Fred, Grandad, Harry and Isobel

Cath, Graham, Isobel and Grandad chat after dinner in the garden

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Harry has a bath in the kitchen sink