The Campervan Goes To The Seaside, Dunwich, Suffolk - 15th-17th August 2012

The Van, along with Nosher, Isobel and The Boys stays for a few days at Cliff House campsite, right on the clifftop at Dunwich. It's a great site with lots of facilities and has steps right down on to the beach, plus it's only about a mile away from Dunwich itself (by beach or woodland walk). We're right by a playground, which gives Fred lots of stuff to do.

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Isoebl and Fred head down to a windy beach

Fred and Isobel in the sea

The boys: Fred, Nosher and Harry

Nosher and Harry

Isobel looks down the beach

Fred lobs rocks in to the waves

Sea Kale on Dunwich beach

A stripey Harry

A solitary windbreak

Our beach den

Isobel and Fred

Walking to the sea

Fred inspects a hole in the cliff

Blue sky, brown sea and shingle

Nosher and Fred up a cliff

Fred with a bucket on his head

Grandad rocks up and spends a couple of hours with us

Inside the awning

Isobel and Harry - 'Mr. Cheese'

Fred roams around near the playground

Fred and Isobel sit on the steps of the van

Fred looks pensive

Fred starts collecting 'treasure' in his bucket

Leafy woods

Fred discovers a den in the woods

A fallen tree

Dunwich houses

Deep in the woods, some wrought iron gates marked 'East Friars'

An even better den is discovered

The ruins of Dunwich Abbey

At the fish'n'chip shop in Dunwich car park: a hot-rod Beetle and a chunky dog

Isobel and Fred, who's pointing

Fred interacts with his little bruv

In the beer garden on the Dunwich Ship, a game of Jenga takes place

Fred's up a tree

A fishing boat on Dunwich beach

Strange beach hut perched on a hill

A kite flies around in the strong breeze

Fred discovers a huge welly boot on the beach

Harry smiles

The Van at night

Purple heather on Dunwich Heath

Back at Occold, harvest is in full swing

Back home, Isobel rustles up another of her famous paellas

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Isoebl and Fred head down to a windy beach